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What is it?

The Culture

GOAT100 is progressive web application that allows users to vote on a list of cards, dynamically changing the order of the list, creating an unbiased & quantitative view on what's popular and highly favoured.

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NextGen Encyclopedia

Browse each dynamic GOAT100 list, full of brand new artists grabbing the charts, legacy artists & the greatest of all time.

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The Culture

From biographies, videos, discographies and more, users will be able to explore the best content for their favourite artists as well as discovering new ones.

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Your vote is influence

Each vote, view, or comment influences each card's position to the top. Who is the greatest, you decide!

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Enumerate Artistry

From card views, users engagement, streams views and more, we can see the analytics from across the world and how users are viewing today's artists through GOAT100. This data is crucial in understanding what the masses like and dislike whilst it's occurring. From a new artist joining a list at 100th, we will see how the efforts of new releases, features and awards will increase their rank and visibility until they join the rafters of the GOATS.

News & Legacy

Our team of music historians will provide the best bespoke content, talkings strictly about the music. We want to highlight and showcase the musical feats only on GOAT100 rather than tabloid exploits.

From top tracks, awards and accolades, we want to applaud each artist to the highest regard so they are celebrated by their fans for their music and contributions to the culture.We currently pull top stories and news from reputable sources like HipHopDX, XXL, HotNewHipHop, RapRadar and more for qualitative information on all artists.

Direct to fans

GOAT100 is a platform direct to music lovers and fans. Each artist represented will have their social handles and websites presented with ways to share. As we use Spotify & Youtube for media, we can ensure each play on GOAT100 contributes to all artists 100%. GOAT100 has the ability to allow artists to livestream directly to their fans, allowing artists the freedom to express themselves directly to their audiences. We also showcase artist next tour dates dynamically to ensure fans know when your next stop to their town is!

Experienced true quantified opinon by the people.

GOAT100 is more than a static site. It is a dynamic platform that is constantly updated due to the actions of our users and the efforts of each artist present.


Browse through dynamic lists showcasing the top 100 hip-hop artists currently in the circuit, UKs finest artists from before and now and our infamous GOAT list which displays the greatest artists of all time.


Each card is full of bespoke content, detailing the triumphs of each artist. Alongside biographies, we showcase statistics that acknowledge each artist's mastery.
Powered by Spotify, we have integrated each artist's discography that works in sync with your Spotify profile to play or view more. We showcase music videos, documentaries or tour videos through each card as well as all ways to connect to the artists socially. Powered by IceCast, we have built live streaming capabilities for artists to go live directly to fans instantly. We also showcase each artist's next tour dates and tickets through BandsinTown.


Users vote on their favourite artists in each list which dynamically change the order of the list as more people like or dislike. Users' influences increase with more votes, comments and visits creating power users with power behind their voice As new artists or rediscoveries arise, the lists will showcase these fluctuations, keeping it fresh and consistent to the culture.




Affiliate advertising
We are aiming to showcase advertisements that are strictly connected to the culture of music. From homepage to cards, we can express any brand to our connected collective globally.

We will supply bespoke recommendations packages in which we can utlise our data for email marketing, artist recommendation and advertisement for your next artist campaigns.

Analytics & Conversion
From each card view, click and stream, we can analyse all tracking to and from GOAT100 to artist social pages, spotify pages, videos and more to see what users like and dislike which influence the lists.

Using technology provided by others, we can further the capabilities and monetization opportunities through GOAT100. We currently are linked with Spotify for music, Youtube for videos and BandsinTown for concert tickets. We are planning to supply exclusive merchandise by artists or capsules internally to allow users to purchase their favourite artists collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GOAT mean?
Greatest of All Time is a term used to describe the ultimate incarnation of anything, from an athlete, artist or automobile, frequently used in popular lists of superlatives. It is typically abbreviated as G.O.A.T.
What stage is the project?
We currently have a live build on browser, with an in sync mobile app in progress. We are currently on beta release but we are constantly updating the essential content needed to build our cards and ensuring our databases and back end services perform well.
Ultimately we want to share and gather feedback from tech lovers, music lovers, critics and key people in the tech and music spaces to hear their thoughts on the tech and our take on a next generation encyclopedia, starting with the biggest and most active music genre globally, Hip-Hop! The conversation of who is the GOATs has been synonymous with the artists, their contributions & the fans so we just want to highlight this in the most accessible and clean way.
Are you looking for help?
Yes we are!

We are super passionate about the culture that has given us so much over the years but we are understand that the best people who are love Hip-Hop, Music History, Statistics and highlighting new artists are out there so we are currently scoping our media team which would help source and create content for each artist and help assist in our digital campaigns, bringing more awareness to the culture, concentrating on the musical achievements and cultural impact rather than tabloid exploits.

We have been intensively working on the tech and we will soon be sourcing contractors & key individuals to help us elevate the platform but the true help comes from the people who love the culture and topics represented within the GOAT100 Platform so reach out and hopefully we can build.

We are also looking for partners to join the journey and grow with us as we are confident with our platform and our growth potential by providing a sleek Media-wiki esque experience with boundless limitations that can improve streaming opportunities for artists and true data-driven statistics that are parallel with the cultures and topics utilized with our platform, powered by the fans that help shape it.

We are passionate not only about our amazing platform, how we showcase the amazing feats of hip-hop artists, legendary to hottest, but the idea that we are giving back, providing jobs for new writers, content developers or other like minded passionate people who just want a start in new frontiers.

We are happy to chat with anyone so just hit us up for a chat!
Can I listen to music on GOAT100?
We are powered by Spotify and Youtube so we utilize their APIS to showcase music or videos. You will need a Spotify account to fully take advantage of the capabilities. You can browse each artist's discography, top streamed tracks and videos from GOAT100.
My favourite artist is not on the list?
Our lists are dynamic so every vote counts. If an artist that you believe should be there, users have to vote to keep them in the list. Users can also request new artists that they think should be on the list.
What's the difference between the lists?
🔥 = Hottest 100 - The top 100 current artists voted by users. This list would be the most dynamic and most updated as the culture highlights the best in music.
🐐 = GOAT 100 - The Greatest Artists of All time. From new to legendary artists from the past, this is the list that represents the very best in the culture.
🇬🇧 = UK - The UK has seen many new stars arise as well as legacy arts that have pushed the culture globally so this list highlights the UK'S contribution to the global culture.
Will there be other genres or topics?
We started with Hip Hop and Rap as this genre is the most active with new artists arriving all the time with new tracks that ignite the culture. We plan to diversify with Rock, Pop and other GOATS in other genres. We then plan to create lists for sports, movies, games and more.
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Customer Testimonails

In the digital era, music platforms aren’t necessarily all about the pure consumption of audio. Generally speaking, today’s music platforms are augmented with some auxiliary element, whether it be social, visual, discovery, or commercial.

Customer Testimonails

According to Spotify’s Q1 2020 report, overall daily active users and consumption have remained in line with their forecasts. With such fluctuation in audio consumption, artists and their teams continue to leverage new forms of media as a way of reaching their audience.

Customer Testimonails

Today’s music listeners expect highly advanced personalization when using streaming services. And this expectation will definitely grow in the coming period. Platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music are leaders in this space, but we have yet to fully realize the possibilities of personalization in the world of streaming music.

Cross Browser

Our dynamic databases perform in sync across our website to mobile app deployment, ensuring each vote, view and opinion can be shared across all and analysed.


We are powered by Firebase Authentication so we have one login access with Google Accounts, Facebook & Twitter.

Scheduled Updates

We plan to not only update our list databases with new artists but also new components that be utilized in each card to bring more engagement and usages.


Ability to deploy new instances of GOAT100 for new top 100 lists for other music genres, greatest movies, Sports stars and more to continually grow the GOAT100 Ecosystem.


Integrating new methodologies and technologies to improve conversion not only on GOAT100 but all artists featured in cards.


Continuous updates and support from our cloud server providers & development team to ensure uptime and performance.

Experience A Dynamic List System Built To Conserve Culture By Your Votes

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